Getting College Right and Saving College Costs...
just got much easier!
Win Admissions, Earn Scholarships, Play College Sports!  
  •  Parents are bankrupting their finances over college costs.
  •  Students are getting turned away from preferred colleges.
  • Athletes dreams are ending prematurely.
All the meanwhile, colleges are filling up their coffers.
Who's in control here?
Students continue to wait too long for submitting applications, compromising their acceptances and losing scholarships.       

Families continue to visit colleges without meeting the key decision-makers, compromising their knowledge and missing opportunities.       

Athletes continue to hope and wish rather than plan and connect, compromising their sports opportunity and leaving college to chance.
Tensions rise as families get further behind in the process.
Accusations fly as deadlines are missed and missteps taken.
Emotions get crushed at the news of an application rejection.
Hopes are shattered by inattentive college coaches.
Anxiety sets in quickly as matters come to a head.
Applications are easy to "submit" ... BUT doing them right is hard.

College visits are easy to make ... BUT making them effective is hard.

Relying on others is easy ... BUT taking ownership yourself is hard.

Agreeing to a college's cost is easy ... BUT paying for it is hard.
Let's face it,
getting college right is hard!
  • 1% of high school athletes land an athletic scholarship.
  •  20% of college freshmen either dropout or transfer schools.
  •  60% of college students end up on the "5 year" graduation plan.  
  •  75% of college graduates are reportedly in unsatisfactory jobs.
  •  95% of high school athletes end their competitive sport in high school.  
  Nearly 100% of all parents feel
they overpaid for college.
Not-so Fun Fact :
College is a DEBT-FUELED business.
  • Elite private colleges now cost $70,000/yr and rising.
  •  Top State Universities now cost $60,000/yr for non-resident students.
  •  The national average time it takes to earn a 4-year degree is 5.5 years.
  •  2019 H.S. graduates will take on $72B of Federal Student (Stafford) Loans
  •  Parents of 2019 graduates will take on an additional $225B of loans.
That's a lot of fuel...
fueling the college endowment funds!!!
College is not a level playing field.
You don't start this game at 0-0, rather,
colleges begin with a strong advantage.

But don't get mad at the colleges, they just run a good business. It's our job to get even!

Just like playing chess, we need to have a good opening move, an effective in-game strategy, and a strong close for winning in the end.

We're not playing checkers you know.
Good Luck!!
Don't be like this guy!
  •  Remain uninformed of the college business model
  •  Let valuable time pass by waiting on others to start
  •  Don't match their time and effort to the level of significance
  •  Acquiesce to the college's interests and demands.
You need to be in the driver's seat!
Families fall victim to their own hope, wait, and wish strategy.
I guess it's just a lot easier that way, but it comes at a BIG COST.
Where is the learning curve?
It seems to be absent and ignored when it comes to college.
None of this has to be your story.  You can choose otherwise.
We're not talking about buying a color television here where you can easily replace it with a new one at any time.


This is a big deal! 
We've worked with hundreds of students, athletes, and parents from around the U.S. and the World. We save families tens of thousands of dollars year-after-year.
The Road to College Success and Satisfaction is paved 
in the foundation of our 3 Principles- 
1-  Visit the Right Colleges
2- Meet the Right People   
3- Ask the Right Questions
We follow closely Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".
Why so? Because we like to be effective!
Before we go on, let's meet Hans Hanson- National College Advisor, Author, Speaker, Saver 
Welcome to and my 6-Step + system described below for getting on the right colleges, meeting the right people, and asking the right questions. 

You see, getting college right is not an exact science, but rather, it is an exact process...a step-by-step process where there are there are no shortcuts to achieving your desired can't leapfrog to the destination.

Therefore, I put together these easy to follow steps to give you a clear direction. It begins with understanding the college landscape with your personalized college list. It follows by getting on track with your custom college timeline.

I provide our scripts, templates, tutorials, published books, eBooks, and workbooks to give you the knowledge you need for streamlining the process, saving time and money.

My journey began the same as your journey now. Except, I didn't have the help. I had to go it alone and make my mistakes. But not you. I'm here to help you along the way.
Hans Hanson, 
Co-founder of GetCollegeRight
and Chief College Cost Saver!
My goal is to put you in control, to empower you to get college right for your child.  As you build upon your College-knowledge, you will operate from a position of strength in finding the right college, with the right opportunities, and at the right cost!  Take a look!
Hans Hanson's 6 Step + Approach to getting on the right colleges, meeting the right people, and asking the right questions complete with two exclusive paths, one for students and one for athletes. 
Featuring your...
Personalized College List
Learn how to build a college list like we do it.
Custom College Timeline
Our custom college timeline is your College GPS
Email and Call Scripts
Students and athletes do not initiate emails or phone calls on their own, rather, they need to be prompted. We have introductory email and call scripts for your child to take the guesswork, mistakes, and anxiety out of it, allowing your child to become known to the key people.

Student-profile Template
Always having an updated Student-profile sheet available for emailing or handing off demonstrates a strong sign of organization, preparation, and accountability. We have a Word-template for your child to use in building their Student-profile sheet. 

College Information & Evaluation Worksheet 
This worksheet allows the student to tabulate critical data on colleges and record key-contact information of administrators and college coaches. It combines with a college evaluation sheet for a student to review and assess a college immediately upon their visit.    

This keeps you organized and prepared throughout the journey.

Must Questions to Ask on a College Visit
That's right, these are "must-ask" questions during a college visit. If you don't ask, then you won't's that simple, yet that elusive. 

  • 11 must-ask questions of the student in the Admission Office
  • 6 must-ask questions of Mom and Dad in the Financial Aid Office
  • 10 must-ask questions of the student in their anticipated Dept. of Study  

50 Questions to Ask a College Coach
To turn a ten minute meeting into an hour long requires being prepared and equipped to ask the right questions while being sure not to ask the wrong ones. You can't wing this and get it right. So here you have it! Shall we say, this is a game-changer!

Test Your College Logic
This simple quiz is a great learning tool, fun yet informative. Knowing this information helps set you on the right path to understanding key factors and analytics for getting college right.   

Ten Indicators for Success
Having your child score themselves with these ten indicators for success will open their eyes to see what they need to improve upon. The goal here is for them to internalize their own need for personal development. 

How to Write a Quality Application Essay 
With a full tutorial on how to write a college application essay along with twenty quality samples, your child will be able to compose their essay with meaningful content, flow, and style for attracting interest in the reader

How to Create a Personal Marketing Package, one each- students, athletes.
Personal Marketing seems like a 50' high concrete wall to students. We turn that barrier into a mere 2' high step with our comprehensive eBook series, includes a detailed description preparing emails, calls, student-profiles, videos, and more. 

College Admissions, College Recruiting, Strategies for Saving Costs 
We have an organized assortment of tutorials to guide you in getting college right for all components of the college process. 

7 Rookie Mistakes that will Crush Your Dreams of Playing College Sports
We always need reminders of the pitfalls to avoid, here are 7 of them. 

Featuring our two Workbooks & Guides and two best-selling Books
The Ultimate Guide to Winning Admissions & Earning Scholarships
100+ pages of details, definitions, secrets, and strategies for visiting the right colleges, submitting applications, and understanding scholarships.
The Ultimate Guide to Being Recruited and Playing College Sports
100+ pages of details, definitions, secrets, and strategies for meeting college coaches, understanding scholarships, planning evaluations, and interpreting offers.

Dissecting the Big Business of College, plus 10 Strategies for Saving College Costs
To win the college game, you must approach it from the college perspective. Here you will learn the full business side of college and what they do to get what they want from you. Additionally, we feature our Top 10 Strategies for Saving College Costs. It's a real money-saver! 
The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports, What Every Mom and Dad Must Know
To land a real college sports playing opportunity, you must approach it from the college coach's perspective. Here you will learn exactly what they deal with everyday and how you can connect with them in a meaningful way beyond casual emails and camp invitations. 
 Here's the +
keeps you involved and engaged;
gives you continuous access to Hans Hanson.
College-educational memos sent direct to your email for staying current and focused on key college issues, sharing gold nuggets of college wisdom and strategy; giving you a distinct advantage over the colleges
College Educational Training Series- Host Hans Hanson
Remain informed and knowledgeable on all matters related to getting college right and saving college costs with our college-educational live training series; featuring primetime college topics delivered live and interactive throughout the year; getting your important questions answered. 
 3 BIG "IF's"
If savings $50,000 on college is important to you, 
then make this program important to you.
If being a knowledgeable parent and in control is important to you, then your decision to use this program is easy.
If college success of your child is important to you, 
then the value of this program is priceless.
But if you want things to be easy...
 then forget it, go take a nap and hope for the best. 
Otherwise, we put this together for serious people who are willing to work towards creating unique advantages for getting college right. 
The ultimate reward of all...
is to get the outcome from college you desire (a job perhaps) 
and save your retirement from the choke-hold of college
Do you agree?
Here’s Our Iron Clad 30 Day Guarantee.   
If for any reason you don’t find the value in this program worthy of its cost, then you can return it for a prompt 100% refund. Why so? Because our student-families are our chief concern. We want everyone to be completely satisfied and recommending to all their friends. We stand by our guarantee and do so without worry.
You'll get a Personalized College List within 5 days of submitting our questionnaire.
Let's Get Started!
$997 One-time
This is what's going to happen during registration-
  •  You will check out with your credit card.   
  •  You will receive a link by email with your login link.  
  •  You will create a username and password for accessing the Members-only area.
  •  You will be prompted to answer the questionnaire.  
  •  You will download your custom college timeline.
  •  You will gain immediate access to our complete College-Toolbox full of scripts, tutorials, and college-knowledge.  
Here's what a few people have to say...
Subject Line - Oh what a relief it is
"Hans, Mike has been accepted to both Emory and to Binghamton. I feel a huge sense of relief that this is done. No matter the outcome, you have been a life saver, a valuable mentor and an all-around good guy throughout this process. And we are most appreciative. Thank you."    - Elizabeth
Subject Line - Woot!
"Hans, words can’t even begin to express my gratitude for the news we got last night…! I know that you and Chase have a call tonight & so act surprised, lol. Drexel has not only accepted him into the 5-year BS/MS Biomedical Engineering program, but they’ve pretty much given him a free ride on tuition!!! He’s received $210k of the $213k in grants and scholarships and I am so thrilled!   

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all you did to help us make this day possible. I have been blessed to have had you come in to my life to help make this happen. I will be forever grateful for you going above and beyond to make this possible. Woot!"
- Stacey
Subject Line - Loving College...
"Hans, you have been and still remain a tremendous resource for me. You helped and guided me through my college recruiting and dreaded college application process. You spent multiple weeks finding the right colleges for me considering all of my interests. For my baseball interests, you knew exactly how to go about the recruiting process. You were always available when I needed, and you made sure I was on top of all my work.

Here I am a freshman playing college baseball today, happier than ever, largely thanks to you. My parents are very happy too with my $112,000 scholarship. Thank you."
 - Henry Z.  
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